Mitch Butler



I spend most of my time as a reporter for CBS News. I create video stories that explore and explain the news through animation. These stories air on The CBS Evening News with Katie Couric and CBS News Sunday Morning. I am also available to work on projects for other clients as well.

I’m a lover of non-fiction animation and non-fiction storytelling. Clients in this area have included Nova, ABC World News, Discovery Channel, and Nova Science Now. In addition to this graphics work I’ve also been on camera as a freelance correspondent for ABC News Now.

I’ve had great fun teaching graduate classes in animation and storytelling at schools like NYU, Parsons School of Design, and School of Visual Arts.

For compositing jobs I’m sometimes over at Big Sky Editorial, where I recently had the pleasure of working on the Ellen Degeneres American Express Campaign, and some spots for Fanta.

My early work was in 3D animation. Films like The Smell of Horror which played on the SciFi Channel, premiered at the Siggraph Electronic Theatre, and has shown in other festivals internationally. I’ve directed episodes of G.I. Joe for Hasbro, and worked on commercials for Playskool.

My biggest influence is the work and career of Robert Krulwich who taught me the craft of news animation while working with him at ABC News. Favorite author is Edward Tufte, the king of information graphics.

Today I live in Midtown Manhattan, right between Times Square and Central Park.

I grew up here in Palmer, Alaska.

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